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Andrew Mark is an award nominated singer songwriter, guitarist, and actor. As well as stand-up comedian, trivia, karaoke, and open mic host, guitar teacher & CEO of Expandable Panda. His debut single "Serenity Now..." is available on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, & more! See him on The 2018 "Awakening" Tour! Expect new studio recordings this year!

07.23.2016 - The Bridge Inn (Oley, PA)

2016 "Ignite The Past" Tour | Solo Acoustic Headlining
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Set 1
01. Ke Kumu (Instrumental) > 
      Little Baby
02. The Stone (by Dave Matthews Band)
      ("Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis Presley Interpolation)
03. Viva La Vida (by Coldplay)
04. Eh Hee (by Dave Matthews) +
05. That's Life (by Frank Sinatra) +
06. Can't Help Falling In Love (by Elvis Presley) +
07. Never Gonna Give You Up (by Rick Astley) +
08. Hallelujah (by Leonard Cohen)
09. Pumpkin Patch
10. Don't Stop Believin' (by Journey) +
11. Overkill (by Men At Work)
12. In My Life (by The Beatles)
13. Lying In The Hands Of God (by Dave Matthews Band)
14. It's Still Rock & Roll to Me (by Billy Joel)

Set 2
15. Radioactive (by Imagine Dragons)
      (Improv Lyrics | Kendrick Lamar Lyrics) +
16. Little Lion Man (by Mumford & Sons)
      ("Dayman" & "Troll Toll" from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"
         Interpolation) +

17. Lumière Du Soleil (Improv Lyrics) >
     My Sunshine
18. Take On Me (by A-ha)
19. So Much To Say (by Dave Matthews Band)
20. Speed of Sound (by Coldplay)
21. Final Mi Vida (Improv Lyrics | ** ) >
     Serenity Now...
22. What I Got (by Sublime)
      ("Thunderstruck" by AC/DC Interpolation | Medley)

** "Final Mi Vida" was called "Fin De Vida" during this performance