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Andrew Mark is an award nominated singer songwriter, guitarist, and actor. As well as stand-up comedian, trivia, karaoke, and open mic host, guitar teacher & CEO of Expandable Panda. His debut single "Serenity Now..." is available on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, & more! See him on The 2018 "Awakening" Tour! Expect new studio recordings this year!


Pandrés is one of the few artists who uses his website to provide his fans a true interactive experience at his live show. No more needing to shout countless songs to the stage that, the artist mostly likely doesn't know how to play. Instead of discouraging audience requests, Pandrés encourages them, with an effective way of letting audiences choose their favorite songs out of the over 200 songs he knows how to play. 


1) Select A Song From The Scroll List, then click submit. There are 5 scroll lists available. If you want to request more than five songs, just refresh the page! After you submit the song, it will send your song notification to Pandrés on stage, in real time!

2) Songs are ordered alphabetically, and then alphabetically by artist. Original songs are sorted 1st, followed by cover songs. If a song is not on here Pandrés unfortunately can't play it. Submitting a request is not a guarantee Pandrés will play this song, but he will try his best to fit it in. Songs marked by a * are brand new additions.

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You can pay for merch here and pick up in between songs, during the break, or after the show!

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